Living with the Enemy

Book Reviews

"This is a story of recovery from multiple addictions to a life in balance, a wonderfully detailed and grace-filled journey home, to a life filled with peace and serenity. Burt beautifully illustrates the important relationships in his life that carried him through an amazing transformation to wellness. He makes the 12-Step program come alive as the foundation of a life well lived. Burt Nordstrand's message is one of hope and healing that will touch anyone who has suffered from multipleaddictions and is seeking the grace of a whole life recovery."

—John H. Curtiss, M.A., LADC, NCRS
President and co-founder of The Retreat, a chemical dependency recovery center
in Wayzata, Minnesota, and former Hazelden Foundation executive for 19 years.

"I have had the privilege and—at times—the challenge of hearing the stories of a number of extraordinary people. I am heartened to read how Burt Nordstrand has put his life and achievements into perspective. He demonstrates that healthy recovery from an eating disorder is achievable."

—Mike Schiks, executive director, Project Turnabout Addiction Recovery Center,
former executive vice president of Hazelden Treatment Services for 21 years.

"Burt Nordstrand is a pioneer and a successful entrepreneur who has been a major contributor to the health and future of Hudson, Wisconsin, and other communities. I admire his passion, creativity and perseverance, but mostly his honesty and his commitment to his family, friends and community."

—Ken Heiser, president of First National Bank of Hudson, Wisconsin, for 28 years.

"As America faces an epidemic of overweight, addicted, and compulsive children and young adults, I recommend this book to families, teachers, and therapists. Burt Nordstrand offers solid help and insight into the nature and complexity of addiction."

—George Mann, MD, chairman and co-founder of The Retreat,
founder and former director of St. Mary's Treatment Program, and pioneer
developer of hospital-based Minnesota-model programs throughout the U.S. and abroad.