Nordstrand Praises New Book: "Fat Boy Thin Man" by Michael Prager

I recently read Michael Prager's new book "Fat Boy Thin Man".  I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with food addiction.

As a working journalist for 30 years and a food addict since childhood, Prager brings both uncommon skills and and all-to-common experiences to his recovery story.  He reached 365 pounds in his youth but has maintained 160  pounds for nearly 20 years after he discovered the power of the God of his understanding.

His story is an inspiration to those still suffering and offers yet another view of the path to recovery.  I thought his comments on finding God inside himself were particularly poignant:

"I have come to believe that God tucked a piece of himself into me when I was dispatched to earth, just as he did for each of us.  I think we are all God-like at birth . . . and that the goal is to stay that way while here."

"But, probably for everyone and probably by design, that's a challenge.  Life deals out it nicks and scrapes, and as the scar tissue thickens, it muffles the voice of God.  I imagine my spiritual practices as a lotion that, when applied in a thousand dabs, disolves those callouses and lets me get closer to God again."

We could all use more of that lotion--addicted or not.

You can find out more about "Fat Boy Thin Man", including where to purchase a copy, at